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A great article from abc news about The Dragon Ninja First Aid Kit !


Accidents happen everyday. Make sure you are protected in the home, office, and outdoors with this AMAZING kit on

Nashville, TN February 12th, 2018

We take our public safety for granted everyday but what happens when we encounter the unexpected accident? Are you protected? For just 24.99 we found the very best do it all kit on that can save your life in case of an accident. The kit we recommend is the 2018 Dragon Ninja FDA approved waterproof First Aid Kit. This kit is extremely portable and works well indoors and outdoors due to its abrasion and water resistant exterior. It’s size means you can store it in your glove compartment and if you’re out camping or hiking it works great as a stash to keep handy in your travel bag. This kit was the most versatile first aid kit we found on amazon due to it’s contents.

The kit has everything you would need including a cpr mask, antiseptic wipes, a sewing kit, medical grade scissors, a compass, and a cold compress as well as over 100 other pieces being it is a 120 piece kit. It meets and exceeds FDA and OHSA and ANSI requirements so it can outperform any other first aid kit in the workplace or church. It is the absolute perfect size to fit in your medicine cabinet at home and is tailored to treat injuries for kids and pets as well. This first aid kit really is something special. The company that makes this is located in Nashville, TN and is very innovative. To learn more about Dragon Ninja check out their website at

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